Best Materials Used for Outdoor Paving

Decorating the exterior part of your home is as important as decorating indoors. And, it could be as much fun, too.


Adding outdoor paving is one of the most effective ways to highlight the exterior beauty of your home. Paving stones can be cut and put together to create various designs according to your preferences – you can cut it into perfect squares or other geometrical shapes, you cut them into the shape of bricks, or you can cut them in random, varied formations so they can add a certain uniqueness to your property.


You have many options when it comes to paving stones you can use – you can choose one best suited for your budget, the paving that matches your style, or the paving stone that can outlast the foot traffic or the heavy rains in your location.


Here are some of the most common paving stones or pavers used in countless homes today:


Limestone – Limestone paving has an incredible versatility that it can be used for several areas: patios, verandas, walkways, driveways, and pathways. Limestones are available in different colors, too. In addition, limestones are soft enough that it can be easily cut to take the shape of the style you are aiming for.


Granite – Although expensive, granite is the top choice for durability. It has an excellent strength that you can expect that it can withstand frequent rains and heavy foot traffic for a long time.


Slate pavers – Naturally slip-resistant, slate pavers are among the best options if you want to add paving near or around a pool area. Slate tiles can also survive acid rain so you can put it directly over soil surfaces without worrying that it will be damaged without sand beds.


Concrete pavers – Reasonably priced, slip-resistant, easily available – there are so many advantages to choosing concrete pavers for your property. Concrete pavers also come in various shades so you can you have endless design possibilities.


Cobblestone pavers – Aesthetically pleasing, cobblestone pavers can easily add elegance to your driveway or walkway. Just like granite, cobblestone can be a bit more expensive than other paving choices. However, you can get your money’s worth since aside from being naturally beautiful, cobblestone is quite durable as well. Therefore, frequent replacement and maintenance won’t be necessary.