Gravel Driveway

Pros and Cons of a Gravel Driveway

Your choice of house design might be impacted by the area you are planning to build your house on, whether in an urban, suburban, or rural neighborhood. Once you have picked the home design, selecting the right material to be used on your driveway is another thing to consider – your driveway has to be in keeping with the design and tone of your home.

Gravel Driveway

There are so many paving materials you can choose from in building your driveway, and among the most popular paving materials for residential areas is gravel. Gravel possesses so many positive attributes that countless homeowners have considered it as a top choice for their home’s driveways through the years.


It’s worth finding out the pros and cons of this paving material so you can be prepared once you have decided to use it for your own home.




Various colors — Gravel is available in various colors that you can choose one that would go perfectly well with the theme or tone of your home.


Inexpensive – The installation and even the regular maintenance of a gravel driveway won’t cost a lot of money.


Easy to install – Construction of a gravel driveway is much easier than building driveways from other materials. With a combination of dedication and skill, you can even do the job yourself.


Easy to maintain – Maintenance and repair of a gravel driveway are relatively easy as well; if you keep an eye on any holes starting to form, simply adding fresh gravel to it can usually fix the problem – you don’t need to call professional pavers to fix the problems all the time.




Frequent maintenance – Since gravel is mostly stoning just placed over a bed of soil, you can expect natural weed growth from time to time. This calls for manual weed removal on your part. Additionally, the driveway could be uneven due to regular traffic from cars – this means you have to frequently check the surface so you can attend to the problem immediately.


Dust – Don’t forget that the gravel is poured over the natural soil surface. Therefore, when a car drives over the gravel driveway, it is expected that dust will be disturbed and released from the ground.